The Dirty Birdie Breakfast Sammie

  • 1 whole wheat bun - toasted
  • 1 egg - over medium
  • 1 turkey sausage patty
  • 1 bunch of baby arugula
  • 1-1.5 tsp Goose Poop
  • Salt & pepper

1) Toast bun, cook sausage in pan. Move both to oven to keep warm when finished. 2) Fry egg in same pan as sausage. 3) While egg is frying, take your bunch of baby arugula (or spinach), and toss with Goose Poop until bunch is evenly coated. 4) Remove egg and place on toasted bun. Salt and pepper to taste. Stack sausage on top of egg. 5) Remove pan from heat and add baby arugula to pan. Cook the greens for about 20 seconds or until they become slightly wilted. 6) Remove greens immediately and place on top of the sausage. The Goose Poop really adds just the right amount of heat and sweet to take this Sammy over the top!

Submitted by Molly Collier