Goose Poop

Named after my father, the official Goose, this was a fun product originally meant to be shared with my sales customers, doctors in Gastroenterology.  I lovingly referred to it as the 'Colon Cleanser' and the product was a hit in labs throughout my territory!

When I switched specialties and began calling on Radiology and Vascular departments, Colon Cleanser just didn't fit anymore!  On a whim, and a quick trip to Memphis, I named it 'Goose Poop' after my father (our specialty cocktail, a dirty Grey Goose Martini, deemed us the nicknames Goose and Olive) and surprisingly the new name stuck!

Goose Poop has been making appearances in labs and get-togethers for the last few years and eventually, requests began to trickle in to buy a jar or two.  After a year-long venture of learning how to mass-produce, FDA approve, and create a signature goose logo, the product is ready for launch! 

A Description

This sweet and spicy pepper relish spread has been 10 years in the making.  Describing this tasty treat has never been the easiest task. A variety of flavors encompass the entire tasting journey... from sweet to a slow ride on the pepper side, Goose Poop is a roller coaster of flavor!  One of our flocks favorite aspects to the product is finding new ways to use it.  Even after 10 years, we are always surprised at the extra flavor it contributes to most anything! 

Explore our new home and share your favorite Goose Poop stories!  Our flock at the Gringo Goose is ready to fly south, north, east and west to get a new and fun product to your door!