Goose Poop Confessionals

Feedback from feathered friends who've tasted, converted, and flocked back for more!

*I LOVE THIS PRODUCT... I asked my mom to try it.. before she got it in her mouth she says "oooo, what is it?" she takes the bite.. I say "goose poop.." she stops midway to eating it... love the look she gave me.. I will be buying more of this product... Samantha Wilson

*We bought a jar of this down at Soulard on Saturday to use for Father's Day mixed with cream cheese. It was a HIT! Everyone loved it! Even better, last night I decided to make up a "stir fry". I put "stir fry" in quotes because I am on a VERY strict diet and my "stir fry" isn't like others. I have to have grass fed meat only, and only allowed very few veggies. I sauted some grass fed beef hunks, broccoli and mushrooms. My flavoring was okay but just nothing to really "write home about". So I thought, let's try the Goose Poop in it! PERFECT idea! SOOOOOOO dang good! I didn't even end up saving any for lunch today because I ate the whole pan full! Hahaha Just thought I would throw it out there for others to use as another recipe idea. :) We def be back to buy some more! Jamie Butler

*Holy goose poop, I found a new love! It is amazing on just about everything we have tried, but one in particular transformed a dish that I don't know if I'll ever eat it without. Sauerkraut and brats! It's more the kraut than the brat that it mixes perfectly with, so don't skip that cabbage! Dave Kohnle

*Goose Poop mixed with Velveeta Rotini & Cheese... pretty darn good!  Might work with any mac 'n cheese too, but that's the one I can vouch for!  John Jones

*This is the best Pepper Relish I have ever tasted.  I buy it in multiples because 1 jar won't last me too long.  It's just so good I can't resist it.  Thanks for making this.   Dan

*Just a note to tell you what a good product you have! My husband, sister & I were at the Villa Antonio Winery & met Jim who offered us a sample of it. It was very good and we all enjoyed it. I would like to know if you do get it on the market because I would like to become a customer!!  A Future Customer, Karen Messer

*So this year Easter came upon me way to fast and of course my 3 sisters had all of the categories of delish snack food covered (so they thought) making me look, how should I say, "bad"! However, I had an epiphany about goose poop. I grabbed a jar of the goose poop, a hunk of cream cheese and some crackers and off I went. I whipped up the poo and cheese nice and smooth to everyone's delight! Thank you goose poop! You day-saver, you. A Loyal Customer,  Vance R. Villines

*This weekend I tried Goose Poop on steak and also used it as a dip for raw sugar snap peas. Both are awesome! Love the Goose Poop! Devonee Hunter Labriola

*I put Goose Poop over cheesy nachos.  Yum! XRAY Bob (I'm SPECIAL!)

*My wife and I picked up a jar of poop at Soulard Market this past Saturday. We love supporting local business and from our first try we really liked the taste of this awesomely named treat. Little did we know how quickly we would become infatuated with it. After finishing up our grocery shopping on the hill, we returned home to make some sandwiches. What an amazing touch! A normally tasty turkey sandwich is now so much better. Anyway, I just wanted to say good luck with everything! I love that you guys took your idea and ran with it. If there is anything I can do to help you spread the word, please let me know. I'm already telling all my friends.  Mike Newsham

*I needed a little BAM to my vegan food today.    Ah, some there is Goose Poop in the fridge that made me sweat and hurt dipping pretzels last night.   What can I do with it?  Lunch:  Put some GP and BBQ sauce on my black bean burger.  Unbelievable. Now, I'm eating this cold dish in front of the computer:  quinoa, cut red grapes, onion, black olives, walnuts, raspberry vinaigrette, and goose poop.  Put in a covered bowl and shake.   Yum! Thanks Sarah and Will! Duke Snyder