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Riverfront Times - Best of Missouri Market Preview -- Including Seven Show-Me State Products to Taste Test

Gringo Goose
Ok, so this didn't necessarily catch our stomach. The exact words that caught our eye
while scanning the vendor list were "Goose Poop." So what, exactly, is it? Owner Sarah
Nodine has made the sweet and spicy relish spread for more than ten years. As a medical sales representative, she originally sold the spread to her customers, doctors of gastroenterology, as "Colon Cleanser." After switching specialties to radiology and doctors who don't appreciate bathroom humor, "Goose Poop" took over as a tribute to her father, known as Goose. The package promises it goes with a wide variety of foods. It doesn't promise that it'll go through you faster than poop through a goose, but, it doesn't not promise it, either.